Puro Gelato is the successful realization of my dream to bring pure and authentic Italian gelato to Prague.

After spending years studying and working in gastronomy, I directed my passion for the culinary arts towards gelato, attending the prestigious Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, where I learned how to expertly produce one of Italy’s most well-known treats. I opened my first Prague-based gelato shop near the river boardwalk Náplavka. A near-instant success,  I have opened several other locations since then, including Slovansky dům on Na Příkopě street in Prague 1 and Rybalkova street near Havlíčkovy sady in Prague 10.

The secret to Puro Gelato’s success is simple: natural ingredients without any chemical additives. The gelato is made fresh every day using quality milk from a Czech farmer and raw materials from small, local growers. Daily production is overseen by my head confectioner, who is Italian.

I have even been recognized internationally for my commitment to serving high-quality gelato — in Italy, where I won the preliminary round of the Gelato World Championship in Rimini. At the heart of Puro Gelato are a genuine respect for nature, a desire to serve only the purest of ingredients, and a passion for bringing authentic, refreshing gelato to Prague.
I hope to open more locations in Prague in the near future, but for now, you can visit one of Puro Gelato’s three locations in Prague or you can order online through rohlik.cz and kosik.cz under the brand name Familato.

Ludmila Abrhám



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