Puro 100100% PURO

We are deeply committed to create products that are entirely ours, from the selection of raw materials to their processing and the distribution to you, our customers. We never use semi-finished products - mixtures of ingredients in powder or paste. We stir gelato ourselves from the very beginning and thus determine its structure and taste. It is the only way to ensure that our gelato is 100% PURO without any emulsifiers, stabilisers or thickeners. It is gelato from the simpler and more natural times of our grandparents and great-grandparents.

Our gelato is made from fresh milk produced by a small creamery, fresh heavy cream with the highest amount of milk fat, sugar, sometimes egg yolks and exclusively natural ingredients, such as vanilla from Madagascar, cocoa or Belgian chocolate. We use nuts and 100% nut pure paste, fresh fruits, when it is possible. It is a lot of work for us. But we love it! We love the beautiful product created by our hands in an honest way.