We are launching indulgent new flavours of milkshakes this spring! Created with the utmost fair typical ingredients, our milkshakes will fill you with happiness for the rest of your day! They come in five new flavours - strawberry, salted caramel, chocolate, nuts-salted caramel and blueberry. They are unbeatable on taste, texture and flavour originality!
A delectable treat is made from ice cream, fresh farm milk, cream and toppings, such as high quality pistachios, hazelnuts and strawberries.

Unlike fast food milkshakes, our shakes are old-fashioned, thick and creamy and never taste artificial. In terms of consistency, ice cream ratio, and the quality of the ingredients, we are delighted to offer the best milkshakes in Prague!

Needless to say, they do not lack a PURO signature...