I started with a simple dream of producing authentic artisanal gelato from the best ingredients sourced from around the world.
It is a reward for our hard work that we can now serve our products to a new market segment and wider audience. The kosher market extends far beyond the Jewish population and we are proud to bear the Kosher parve and chalavi symbols!

It is an honor to offer our Kosher parve certified, dairy free, gluten free, plant-based sorbets as well as the finest, creamiest chalavi gelato.

Made with natural ingredients, our gelato is always fresh, with gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free options available for everyone to enjoy.

These Kosher Chalavi certified flavours - Vanilla Madagascar, Belgian Chocolate 70%, Poppy, Pistachios 100% and vegan Kosher Parve flavours, Mango and Strawberry, can be purchased on rohlik.cz and kosik.cz.

Quality is our obsession...