Snimek Obrazovky 2021 12 08 V104848Our Karlín shop and its story

In summer 2016 I opened the second PURO shop in city center Kaprova street. But as we all know, with Covid the center "died" and the rent stayed the same. All lost sense and we had to close the shop, leave all hopes and investment in the space there and move out. 

But what to do with all the machines and furnishing and equipment?
So we decided to search for a new space out of city center and decided for Karlín.
First everything seemed very simple and ideal for us. Small refurbishment and we will be opened in spring 2021, we thought. BIG MISTAKE. Everything took longer as we thought, one problem gave hand to the other and the cherry on top were the local offices, which didn't work at all partly also due to Covid. That is also the reason, why we had to close again for a few weeks in October. 
But now all is finished to 90% (we leave the 10% for spring). All is moved from Kaprova street to Karlín and the store is waiting for your visit. 
In this particular shop apart from our artisanal gelato you can taste cakes from our own production, all year long fresh glutenfree vaffles (vegan and nonvegan), fresh juices and smoothies and in winter handmade chocolates made from french chocolate Michel Cluizel. 

Quality is my obsession...