Gelato catering

Gelato catering

Are you looking for the best ice-cream in Prague? Look no further. We offer gelato catering for corporate parties, weddings  or children´s birthday celebrations.

Gelato catering for 15 000 CZK + VAT includes the equipment, transport, 4 hours of service, 12 kilos of 3 different flavours of best Italian gelato (150 – 200 servings).

The art is in the simplicity and craftsmanship of our production. Our artisanal gelato is made exclusively with natural products, without preservatives  and hydrogenated fats.

It is 100% natural!

We offer vegan, non-fat or no-sugar-added ice creams. Sorbets are a strong point, too. Make your party unique and enjoy gelato like it used to be…



Rádi bychom vás informovali o novinkách a nabídkách PURO Gelato 😎

Nespamujeme! Další informace naleznete v našich [link]zásadách ochrany osobních údajů[/link].

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