PURO Gelato is a local Prague gelateria that makes authentic Italian gluten free gelato. The owner learned how to make the perfect gelato right at the source. She studied at an Italian school for gelato artisans and worked with top professionals in the industry. Then she opened her first gelateria in Prague.

PURO Gelato takes pride in making all its products from scratch. They use only natural ingredients “without added nonsense”. Therefore, you won’t find any flavorings, artificial colors or emulsifiers in any of the flavors. In addition, you can be sure your gelato is always fresh. It is made in small batches every day.

If you like traditional flavors, you can opt for Belgian Chocolate, Madagaskar Vanilla, Strawberry or Pistachio. Other flavors on the menu are Salted Caramel, Poppyseed, Piña Colada, Lemon Pie, Eggnog and more.

Please speak up for gluten free

Although the gelato is gluten free, the ice cream cones are not. When ordering, ask your server to put your gelato in a cup. Also, make sure you have them skip the decorative wafer they normally put on top.

When can you enjoy PURO GELATO?

PURO Gelato has several locations around Prague. The Výtoň shop down by the river and the Rybalkova shop in Vinohrady are open year round. A nice thing to do on a summer afternoon is to take a stroll along the Vltava embankment at Výtoň or through Grébovka Park in Vinohrady. In the summer, you can also enjoy your gelato at the Slovanský dům. It is the most centrally located of the three.

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